Cheers, 2015

When talking about how we wanted to shape our 2015 in Review post, we decided we didn't necessarily want to choose the most impressive or perfectly framed images...but more so, we wanted this post to show some of our favorite moments we had the privilege of capturing. Whether that be when the wind gently and perfectly blew the ribbon on Anna's bouquet, while we were setting up the frame - or when we asked Nick and Marti to dance together and they both started raising the roof and thrusting. There were spontaneous kisses, aggressive (+ loving) hugs and bursts of the most joyous laughter. And then there were those quiet, unplanned, moments. Those moments where our presence wasn't even known, and shouldn't have been, either. 2015 was a year we will never forget.

Thankful for these moments, these people, and this business. 2016 has some big shoes to fill. 

And for the first time, we've decided to include some little treasures that our clients don't ever receive. A few "behind the scenes" shots, if you will. We have fun. We also laugh at ourselves a lot. 

We were prepping to capture a proposal...someone had to model for the lighting check.


Becca is the CUTEST

Oh...and if you're not cool with your photographers dancing at your wedding, we might not be the ones for you.

Cuz we break it down.

all of our love,