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Setting goals is hard. It's easy to first consider what goals might be unreachable, and then quickly dismiss them - save them for another season. What is not easy is to pursue goals that require hard work + going out of our comfort zones. Outside of our comfort zone...ew, scary. 

What is SO satisfying, however, is when we go out of our comfort zone and regardless of whether or not we "reached our goal", we walk away confident. Having "been there, done that". And then we do it again. And it's easier. And eventually, if not right away, it's awesome, rad, amazing even. 

This blog is out of my (Em's) comfort zone. At one point in my emotional and dramatically "deep" high school state of mind I would've considered myself a writer. A poet. Well, I stopped practicing that hobby and, of course, my natural ability faded. Now, here I am, trying to bring it back to life. And you get front row seats (yah!). One of our main goals for this season/year is to blog more. To not just blog our sessions more often and more consistently, but to blog about life, joy, and the struggles that are real. The good stuff. And the not so good stuff. We are also going to be featuring a lot of our awesome vendor friends more often! We figured they are too cool to not hang out with and blog about. We are excited about this new season and totally nervous - but it's a good nervous. We are putting ourselves out there. And it's kinda awesome. 

speaking up,