Devin + Bethany {Newland Barn}

First thing we noticed about Devin and Bethany - they say "I love you" a lot. Second thing we noticed - they really super duper mean it. At our first meeting, we were both blown away by how real and honest they were with us  - they told us their story, asked questions and got our opinions on things, and allowed us to fully enter into the wedding process with them. We felt like we were becoming a team, and we think that's how it should always be. We were doing this together. And on the first of March, all our planning came into play and the day was beautiful. The Newland Barn in Huntington Beach was gorgeous and allowed us to capture some of the best photos ever.

The hearts of the family, bridal party and guests were of gold and the love and celebration that we witnessed was contagious. Here's to you D + B.