How would you describe your style?

Romantic + Artistic + True. Let's break it down - we are all about the romance...and we are all about capturing it with style and truth. Let's break it down even more. Romance is key - and we love it. While the photos of brides + grooms smiling at the camera are nice...we prefer shots of our brides + grooms enjoying each other - being together. You know. Romancing. And while our couples are doing that, we are doing our thing, and making images that capture that love in an artistic way.And when we say "true", we mean it will be true to you. We do everything we can to really get to know our clients so that when the big day comes, we know their personalities, vision and the things that are most important to them - further equipping us to make images that are true to our clients.

Do you two photograph every session/wedding together?

We most certainly try to! We both love to participate in every photo session. We have very different creative eyes so we enjoy capturing love from our two different perspectives. If one of us isn't going to be available, we let our clients know right away! Our go to photographer that we bring with us, when one of us isn't available, is the sweetest Sabrina Meza w/ Sabrina Paige Photography!  

How soon after the wedding do your clients receive their photos? 

This usually depends on the time of year for us. Full wedding galleries are typically sent around the couple's 6-8 week anniversary.  During busier seasons it can take up to 10 weeks. Shortly after, our clients will receive a "thank you" package in the mail that includes an adorable wooden USB stick with all the images they received in the gallery. We are able to give a more specific time frame closer to the wedding date. However - around the bride and groom's 1 month anniversary they will receive what we call "a Wedding in a Nutshell" via a private online gallery. This is a sort of major sneak peek consisting of up to 100 photos that summarizes their day.   

Where are you located and can you travel?

We are located in beautiful Southern California, south bay area! We are MORE than okay with traveling for a photo session/wedding but for a possible additional fee! Just give us the details and what accommodations there might be!

Is there a wedding contract to sign? Need a deposit?

Yes! Contracts are very important - they verify that we are all on the same page. Once the decision has been made to hire us, we will send a contract via email that covers the information of the decided package that will be guaranteed, along with policies and what not. When that is returned to us (via mail) we ask that our clients include a 50% retainer.

So...we want to hire you. What happens now? What's the process?

Super! Once you've contacted us and our availability has been confirmed - we have a mini dance party and get pumped. In other words...we schedule to meet! Usually over coffee. We talk about your love story, make jokes, get to know one another, and before we know it, nervous giggling leads to friendships made. You still want to hire us? Oh, good. The contract is signed - retainer fee collected. We discuss some basic wedding details. Schedule your engagement session - and then we have your engagement session! Hooray! Time passes and we converse often over email. We answer all your questions and even help you make up a photo schedule! And in the blink of an eye - your wedding day arrives - and you're getting married, and we're capturing every moment of it. And lastly, you invite us on your honeymoon (kidding, you don't need to do that). Sound good? Write us!