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Packages + Pricing

We offer a variety of wedding packages from intimate gatherings with fewer than 50 guests, to 8 hour days including a free engagement session, to our biggest 12 hour day package, covering every moment! We customize these packages for every couple so we welcome you to contact us if you are interested in learning more details.  We want to talk to you about them. That's our style. Our smallest wedding package begins at $1800.

Engagements + jazz

Couples sessions separate from wedding packages begin at $350 and are 1.5 hours in length. These are for any guy + gal in love! Couples sessions are simply the best and we prefer to go all out with these, if you're cool with that. Let's have fun. Let's go on an adventure. Let's make awesome photos. 

Oh! You're a dude who hasn't proposed to his lady, yet? And you want photos taken for when you do propose? We got you covered. Write us and we'll start planning ASAP. 

Be beautiful

We love art. We are passionate about marriage. And we adore when women want to gift their husband with beautiful images of themselves. We're talking about boudoir, baby. Click here for more details.