Sam + Anna


Devin + Bethany

Be in Love Photography delivered an exceptional wedding photography experience, start to finish. My husband and I wanted quality photographers just as much as we wanted quality photographs-these two were it. Becca and Emily are warm, punctual, experienced, friendly, and brilliant in their work. My husband and I laid out our expectations for our wedding photographs, and our expectations were exceeded. Becca and Emily joined us for both our rehearsal dinner and entire wedding day; by the end of our wedding I could have sworn that these two were old friends. Our families, bridal party, and guests were very impressed by them and their presence throughout the day. Now we have a gallery of photos from our wedding that captures the memories, faces, and feelings so well; we anticipate flaunting these photos until we're old and gray! 
We couldn't be more happy with how our wedding photos turned out! They're beautiful and artistic and everything that we hoped for. And even more than just great photography, they made it an amazing experience for us! They're so sweet and laid back, neither of us really feel at ease in front of a camera, but they made it feel so effortless. We truly cannot say enough good things about them, Becca and Emily thank you so much for capturing our day!!!

Paul + Lindsey

I knew I would flounder and lose control of my expressions...And boy I would have if it weren't for those two having such a multifaceted gift. Not only were they encouraging but sincere in their praise of our 'modeling', if I had to call it that. Becca and Emily encouraged Paul and I to just be. Hold and kiss and talk to each other, really look at one another and enjoy it. They took care of the rest. There was no room to worry, I felt beautiful and at ease. The girls brought me gorgeous flowers and led us seamlessly through poses and locations...There is some signature magic about these two that makes you remember why you fell in love in the first place and then they capture it and you get to hold on to it forever.

Koby + Eden

Becca and Emily's unique teamwork masterfully captured the love, joy, and celebration of what was the greatest day of our lives in photographs which wonderfully narrated our story. They exemplify what true wedding photographers are meant to be as they personally invest in growing familiar with the couple...More than being impressed by their skill, we were grateful for their kindness and generosity which made the best day even better. Thank you Becca and Emily, we appreciate you both deeply and highly recommend you to the world!

Doug + liz

I am so happy that I hired BE In Love for my wedding photography!  What is so perfect about Emily and Becca doing wedding photography is that they are GENUINELY HAPPY AND EXCITED for you that you are about to marry the man of your dreams!  Their joy for Doug and I showed up in our pictures...When we first got our sneak peek, I got all choked up seeing all the details, all the little things that we worked so hard on.  They were captured so romantically and beautifully!  The big day went by way way too fast, especially after the months of planning... all the long nights, the not sleeping because your mind can't stop thinking about every little detail.  Then when our wedding day finally came, we just didn't have the time to take it all in.  But BE caught it all!  I'm so very grateful.  You ladies ROCK!!!

Chaz + Kathleen

Once we received the link to our photos we were speechless! BE captured our love for each other in a way we couldn't even imagine. So many of the shots are truly breath-taking! We have received so many compliments from family and friends. There was so much variety in all of our photos as well, thanks to Becca's direction. My fiancé and I are so thankful to you guys for the amazing work that was done. We are truly overjoyed with our pictures and the memories we made while taking them. Thank you so much for making this wonderful moment in our life that much sweeter.